Patentise is a unique proprietary service from EIP, one of the fastest-growing IP partnerships in the UK. Their team provide an all-round service dealing with all aspects of IP, and includes intellectual property attorneys and solicitors, patent and trademark prosecutors, IP litigators, patent searchers and IP strategists.

The Patentise team specialises in the Patent Box. Partners Matt Lawman and James Seymour are both highly experienced patent attorneys and IP strategists with considerable in-house experience, and Gary Moss is one of

the UK's leading IP litigators. They have followed the Patent Box proposals from the outset and made observations and comments on the legislation as it was being formulated.

EIP was one of the first IP firms to recognise the full extent of the potential importance of the Patent Box for companies, and its Patentise service, supported by senior members of EIP's professional staff, offers companies the most comprehensive approach to preparing for the new scheme.